Best golf balls play an important role in increasing the performance of the golfer. No matter on which level you are whether you are a beginner or an expert player the ball plays an important role.

Without the ball, golf will not be completed. If you are a beginner and are a slow swinger then your ball will move through only a few yards. And you have to move more closely to the hole.

The 85 mph speed is fast enough to put a good move for the ball. This speed is only best for the professional players who are expert in their game and know how to control the ball. Some of the best golf ball for 85 mph swing speed is mentioned below.

Callaway Chromesoft Golf balls

Callaway Chromesoft Golf balls features 4 piece design and highly durable. The ball comes up with a new ionomer cover that will give you a better feel in the game and will help you to improve your game performance.

The ball has a 338-speed grip patent. When you will hit the ball it will give you more accurate and consistent shots. The ball coating is made up of graphene that gives the ball more strength. The ball has an ultra compression core that gives you a faster ball speed with lower spin rates.

Titleist Velocity Golf balls

Titleist Velocity Golf balls come in a 2 piece layer construction that delivers a fastball speed at lower spin. It is a long-distance ball which means that you have to make a large distance from the hole before making a shot.

It provides an extremely low game spin. The ball comes in a unique design that gives a soft feel. The ball comes with a high-speed LSX core that is soft and gives a comfortable feel to the golfer. The Titleist Velocity golf ball is a bit expensive the purchase.

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