One than 9 billion people are using Instagram and there are millions of active users. People are using this application for many different purposes like some of them are using it just to post images and let their followers what is happing in their life and many people are utilizing this application by earning from it. To start earning on Instagram the first step you have to do is to shift your user account to a business account.

Because in the business account you get many privileges which you don’t get as a user account. You can upgrade your profile and bio to get more views and followers on your account. You can also purchase followers from different websites. Always try to get the target audience who are interested in your content. Most websites do not provide real followers they give you bots who are of no use and do not help you in your profile growth.

You can also get a lot of likes and views on your content by sharing the most motivating content and use different strategies to get likes and views. An Instagram story is also the best way to deliver your content. Some of the best ways to get more Instagram story views are mentioned below.

Use Hashtags in your Story

Instagram Hashtags provide many advantages to users. You can use 30 hashtags in your feed and 10 hashtags in your Instagram story. The benefit is that when you will use a hashtag relevant to the user search your story will appear in the top searches.

For example, if you have used #furniture in your story and when the user will search the same keyword your story will appear in the top searches. You should use different hashtags in your story so that there will chance of getting more views on the story.

You can also use branded hashtags because most people search for the brand name and there are more chances that your story will appear in the top search for the user. You should also generate your hashtag and use it in your stories. Use trending and popular hashtags in your stories to attract the attention of the audience.

Use Stickers and Emojis

Another best trick to get more Instagram story views is to use stickers and emojis in your stories. When your post a picture of the product on your story on the top right corner you will see an emojis icon click on that icon and you will find a lot of different stickers that you can use to attract the audience and increase engagement rate.

Emojis and stickers are used to bring joy and entertainment to your stories. For example, if you are posting something related to the food you can search food in the sticker section and you will get a lot of different stickers to add to your story. You can also create a quiz and ask people different questions to increase the interaction between you and the users.

Use Swipe up feature and location tag

Swipe up feature will only appear if you will have followers of more than 10,000. Once you will have enough followers you will get the swipe-up feature. The advantage of the swipe up feature is that if you will share the content or an image of a product use the swipe up feature at the bottom of your story.

If the user will like your product he or she will click on swipe up and will directly link to your website to purchase the product. You may have seen many famous brands and companies use this feature to increase the engagement rate on their website. Another way to get more views on your story is to use a location tag.  Using the location tag allows you to reach a specific audience on your story. For example, if you are sharing the experience of your trip you can give the location of the place you visited.

Add the image of the product

Another best hack to get more views on your Instagram story is to add a picture of the product you are promoting. You can add PNG or JPJ images to your story with transparent background. You can even make a collage to show the product from different angles.

Most people are not interested in your profile they don’t want to waste time. But adding the image of your product the user will be forced to view your profile to buy the product. To add the image all you have to do is to create the new story you can click the picture or select the image from your gallery and customize it by adding stickers and emojis to it.

Check Story Analytics

Story Analytic feature is one of the best features provided by Instagram to check many different things such as num of tabs on the story, tabs on the link in your story, impressions, and much more.

The best part is that from the analytics you can get to know your audience, their likes and likes, and their attitude. When you get to know all these things you can then post your story by keeping all these points in your mind.

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