There are lot of languages speaking in this world and 91% of them are spoken less than one lac people in the world. The number of less spoken languages are decreasing day by day. Here are some interesting facts about different languages.

15 Interesting Facts

  1. Busuu is a language spoken by only 8 persons in the world. In the year 1986, there were only 8 people in Southern Bantoid of Cameroon who can speak this language and in 2005, only 3 people left who understand and speak this language.
  2. While creating laws in USA by the continental congress, they will face problem in selection of official language as more than 300 languages are spoken in the
  3. There are approx. 7000 languages in the world but only 23 languages are spoken by the more than half of the global population. It is also a fact that more than half of the global population can speak more than one language.
  4. A country named Papua New Guinea has 800 plus languages.
  5. The Bible is the most translated book which is translated into 683 languages and its parts has been translated in more than 3000 languages.
  6. The Papuan language is famous due to minimum alphabets, this is the language of Rotokas and it has only 11 letters.
  7. Approx. all languages in the world have been influenced by another language which is due to immigration of people in different places in the world.
  8. The Chinese mandarin language consists of symbols, not alphabets. These represent different letters and are written differently. Sometimes people think they are drawn not written. Chinese mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with more than 1.3 billion speakers all over the world but mostly in China. It is also hardest language of the world according to learn. This language have more than 8000 symbols, but you have to know only 3000 symbols to read a newspaper in Chinese.
  9. The official air language is English. Every pilot and his crew know English during travel by air, this is everywhere in the world.
  10. Cambodian language has 73 Characters that makes it longest alphabet language.
  11. A famous website The Different Languages has translated most spoken words in almost 100+ different languages.
  12. The two most popular languages English and French used on the internet. The 80% data stored in the computers of the world is in English language.
  13. The English language has been influenced by other languages. The word mortgage meaning death pledge in French.
  14. Japanese is the fastest speaking language. Even it is faster than Chinese language.
  15. Asia is the continent where the most language has spoken. Approx. 2300 languages are spoken in this continent. Africa has 2138 languages. Amazingly, Europe has very less languages, which is only 286.

The amazing facts:

  • When you understand or speak English, you only use the left side of your brain while when the same thing applies to chines language, you use both sides of your brain.
  • Russian was the first language which was spoken in the outer space, surprising it was not English as many people think.
  • The first printed language on book was German.

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