It is glamorous to have gold jewellery, there are many names of gold in different languages but it has a great value everywhere. Movies often feature bank robberies involving gold.

All in all, gold is among the most precious metals on earth. However, it’s much more than just wedding bands or just bricks stolen by a movie villain.

In the periodic table, gold belongs to the transition metals group, alongside silver and copper. Gold belongs to the group of coins metals since it is often used to produce money.


The Egyptians dated the origin of gold to 3400 BCE, making it one of the oldest metals known to mankind. Historically, gold was associated with wealth and beauty, both of which were regarded as symbols of beauty and wealth.

Pharaohs in ancient Egypt would often amass great amounts of gold just to cover their coffins after death. The coffin of King Tutankhamun, sometimes known as King Tut, contained approximately 112 kilograms of gold.

You can convert 112 kg to 247 pounds if you are unfamiliar with the metric system. As a comparison, a running back in the NFL weighs about as much gold per pound as an average gold bar! Further, during the California Gold Rush, the discovery of gold resulted in a large migration into California.

Gold in Other Languages

Having gold is the dream of every woman. Here we have mentioned different translation of gold.

  • In Chinese, the gold is translated as 金子 and speak like(Jīnzi).
  • Arabic people use the word ذهب for gold and it can speak in English like “dhahab”.
  • In Japan, People use the word “Gōrudo” for Gold and It is written in Japanese Like “ゴールド”
  • If you want to say gold in Russian, you will say “zoloto” and it will be written like “золото”
  • If a French person says or, it means he is saying gold.

There are many other names of gold in different languages. Jewellery made of gold is usually not pure gold. On the karat scale, gold content is measured in necklaces and rings. 24 karat gold is pure gold. There is a 99.95 percent purity standard for gold bars in Fort Knox as well as elsewhere around the world.

Properties of Gold

Gold is a soft, yellow metal. Gold is very malleable and ductile, just as all other metals. It can also conduct both heat and electricity very well.

79 is the atomic number of gold, and Au, the elemental abbreviation, means ‘shining dawn’ in Latin. In terms of density, gold is slightly more dense than lead at 19.3 g per cubic centimetre. Gold is malleable, just like all metals. However, with metals, pressing it out is much easier than most others.

Approximately 300 square feet can be covered by one ounce of gold. A further property of gold is its high oxidation resistance. Oxide usually forms on the surface of metals after they are exposed to oxygen at room temperature and room conditions; gold does not readily form this layer.

The majority of acids and bases do not harm gold. It’s a resilient metal! There is also the term “black gold” used for oil and petroleum.

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