Early Finewood Bow

The next tip is actually about getting access to the wood you shouldn’t have we guess earlier in the game you know what we mean so before you actually have a Valheim Bronze Pickaxe Native Gamer you know what we mean you can go ahead and grab yourself a troll and then just kind of bait them into hitting these trees we have some pine trees also have some birch which is the two kinds of trees you need to be able to get the fine wood or you maybe just need some core wood to build some supports for your base whatever the reason right this is one that always gets suggested on the non-stop.

Get Bronze

We don’t think it really takes that long to get bronze but if you really want to get it really early right and go ahead and get yourself a fine wood bow you know what we mean you start doing more damage this is definitely a way you could do it these guys are really easy to beat you just kind of it doesn’t really take much stamina you can really just beat the hits out of them get you all that wood that you need.

Just get it done there is another way to do this just by cutting down a tree and then you push this log to say into the tree that you want to knock down and then sooner or later last you break it as well you can just use the log to damage other trees so nice little Native Gamer tip pretty useful we guess for people that want to you know jump ahead of Russian but pretty good one and we thought some people would like to see this because they may not be aware.

AFK Area

This is for people who afk a lot in the world not everyone does that but if you’re playing on a server where it’s just running constantly something like that you always have that one daddy gamer in your group one of those daddy gamers so we can talk about them right that afk is a lot has to look after kids do stuff you know what we mean go do daddy things but they still just say afk in the world.

If they do that say in my base over there if we afk and they had to vent you got a troll event you get a big chunk of your base kind of torn up just because the monsters be all trying to get in there especially with the trolls because they can’t get to you they will break things right so this is just a platform you what this is there are four pillars just four pillars away from your base so they’ll focus on the person that’s actually on the platform and everything will be safe right you can go up you can afk everything will be wonderful.

Dig Down To The Ground

You can also do a different version of this one where you dig down to the ground and then you can just put stone just a stone layer over the top of it and then you could just afk down there safe it’s just about having an amk room and just making sure everyone uses it who’s afking so if other people around going around doing you know stuff on the server around the world the event if it spawns on the base the base will be okay right so pretty cool pretty awesome works really well these guys we mean they can’t really do much this you would probably want to build this platform out of stone we just did this really quick but they can’t do a lot they just sit down there they make it a hit or two but usually we mean if you’re afk you’d be afking up and they’d kind of lose interest pretty quick also event mobs when they’re done when the events end they usually wander off and despawn so you don’t have to worry about them being down so they won’t stick around that long anyway and you’re pretty good.

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